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Teeth whitening services

What is ‘teeth whitening’?
‘Teeth whitening’ is a specialized dental service provided by Markham dentist which addresses the discoloration of teeth. You can avoid stains and the teeth will be lightened through the process. The ‘teeth whitening’ is considered as the cosmetic dental procedure. The ‘teeth whitening’ is suggested for patients suffering from extrinsic stains.
Why and when you need teeth whitening?
The appearance of teeth will be very much enhanced when you go for ‘teeth whitening’ service.
If you are using tobacco, yellow stains will form on the enamel. There will be formation of stains due to the consumption of tea, coffee, wine and various drinks. If you fail to take care of the teeth on daily basis, the discoloration will take place.

The brightness of teeth will diminish due to ageing. The enamel will become thin and the dentin will become dark. All these issues are addressed through the ‘teeth whitening’ procedure.
Some people suffer from intrinsic teeth stains. If children are exposed to excessive fluoride during the teeth formation stage, intrinsic stains will be formed. If tetracycline injections are taken by the mother during the second half of pregnancy, internal stains will be formed on the children’s teeth. The tooth might be darkened through trauma as well.
The teeth whitening should not be attempted when the roots of teeth are exposed. The teeth may become very much sensitive and it will affect the functionality.
What is the cause of teeth whitening?
The exact cause of dental whitening will be ascertained by the dentist. You will want to answer various questions asked by the dentist to figure out the right kind of treatment. The whitening process will be started by the dentist after cleaning the teeth. Through effective cleaning, the coating formed on the teeth will be removed. The bacteria and food particles that are locked in between teeth will also be removed.
There are kits which are suggested by the dentists which can be used at home. The whitening gel that fit your teeth will be prescribed by the doctor so that you can use them at home as per the instructions. You might want to wear whitening strips also as per the condition of the teeth.
How ‘teeth whitening’ is administered?
The ‘teeth whitening’ is a one-time procedure. However, you should consult your dentist to undergo the subsequent maintenance schedule. The outer layer of the teeth is called enamel. The thickness of the enamel is based on genes.

Before administering the procedure, the candidature will be assessed by the dentist. If a patient is suffering from other dental issues, they will be corrected before dealing with the stains. For example, cavities should be closed before going for whitening program.
If you are suffering from bruised gums and the roots of teeth are exposed, they should be addressed before offering the whitening program. The roots of teeth will appear in yellow when gums are receded.
What are the benefits of teeth whitening?
You can present yourself before the audience in a confident manner when you manage spot-free teeth. The imperfections on teeth will be overcome through the efficient procedure.
A thin coating will form on the teeth on daily basis. The coating has the potential to pick up stains. If there are pores in tooth enamel, they will hold stains.
There will not be any damage to the teeth when the procedure is implemented by experts.
Types of teeth whitening
The most common type of teeth whitening is vital tooth whitening. A gel will be applied to the tooth surface. The product contains hydrogen peroxide. The tooth whitening will be done at the dentist’s office or home as per the condition of the teeth.
The in-office teeth whitening procedure will be completed in 60 to 90 minutes. The whitening process will be completed in one to three sittings. The type of treatment, the severity of stains and the current brightness of teeth will influence the number of sittings.

Before applying the whitening gel to the teeth, the dentist will apply a substance on gums so that they will be protected. There are some whitening agents which will be activated through the laser gun or special light. The teeth can be whitened through the application of heat as well. 

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